About Me

Zion Narrows Hike

I’m a technology executive and entrepreneur who loves to design, build and deploy software. I have started two companies and built a number of different products – desktop, web, mobile, hybrid, cloud. I’ve worked in small startups (Zerista, Ubisense), mid-size companies (Smallworld) and large corporations (GE Power). I have deep experience in cloud computing, geospatial technology, agile development, CI/CD and SaaS systems. I have run multiple development teams and believe in lean, passionate and agile teams that iteratively deliver on customer requirements on-time and on budget.

I’ve worked in most aspects of development – from being an entry-level programmer to a lead developer to a team manager to a Chief Architect and eventually CTO.

Another thing I love is maps – I’ve been drawing them since I’ve been a kid. At Stanford I got an engineering degree (well, two of them) but couldn’t resist the pull of Geology. My favorite class was summer field camp – 6 weeks of tromping through eastern Nevada and southern Utah living in tents and looking at rocks. Sounds exciting – doesn’t it! That was followed by 4 intensive weeks back on campus writing up all our findings and making geologic maps of the areas. After I graduated, I heard that a couple of the maps I made (with lots of help from a friend) were on display in the hall in the geology department. Talk about being proud! Sadly, I’m sure they’ve been tossed long ago since – I’d love to have them back.

For more information see my LinkedIn and Github profiles.