I’ve been professionally building software for over twenty years. At this point I’ve worked with more languages and technologies then I can remember. They range from ancient technologies like dBase and Fortran to Assembly to C to C++ to to JavaScript to HTML to Ruby to Python…well, you get the point.

The commercial products I’ve played a leading role in include:

  • Zerista backend. Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS. 
  • Zerista iOS app. Objective C.
  • Zerista Build – automated iOS build and submittal to Apple. Ruby.
  • Ubisense client smart spaces. C++.
  • Smallworld Internet Application Server. Magik.
  • Magician IDE. Delphi (Object Pascal).
  • RiskEZ. Delphi (Object Pascal)

I’ve also made a number of open source contributions, and am a primary contributor to: