Perhaps this is a bit vain, but after my first week of blogging I was curious how many people had wandered through.

I’ve heard people say good things about awstats so I gave it try (although it is written in Perl of all things 🙂 I now know the answer – 324. Thanks to all of you, that’s about 300 more than I thought! In case you’d like to check it out, I’ve added a link in the sidebar to the stats. They’ll update themselves every night around 3am.

Things that struck me:

  • The large gif at the top made up 50% of the download bandwidth. Sure enough, the image was a 66k gif. I’ve now slimmed it down to a 28k jpeg.
  • There are lots of bots out there – Google, Yahoo, MSN, Blogline, Feedster, etc.
  • There have been exactly **2** referrals from search engines. Although they’ve all crawled the site, it hasn’t made it into the indexes yet. I remember it took about 10 days for Yue’s blog.
  • The vast majority of referrals have come through Artima. But 18 have come through Peter’s blog – thanks Peter!

Last, thanks to Pat and his ruby script that automatically runs awstats.

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