Back Online

A couple of days ago I had the good fortune of having a new Dell Dimension 9000 donated to MapBuzz. The plan was to replace an ancient PIII server with the new machine over the weekend. We were a bit worried about the PIII server because of its age and because it was running on a couple of non-RAID hard drives.

Well…the PIII server must have figured out that its days were numbered! Because yesterday one of its hard drives ground to a screeching halt (perhaps more about that in a future post). We didn’t have much valuable data on the machine, web stats mostly, but it was hosting Yue’s [blog]( and my [blog](

Since we had to configure the new machine, and were offline, we went ahead and also rebuilt the database server. However, that meant that our blogs disappeared for about 36 hours. It will be interesting to see if the spiders have given up on crawling yet or not.

Anyway, its good to be back online again!

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