Typo Feeds

One of the nice new featues in the HEAD version of Typo is per-category
feeds. However, it wasn’t quite obvious to me how to access them. A quick
look at xml_controller.rb and routes.rb cleared things up.

From routes.rb
we can see that you can specify a :type and :id when requesting a feed.

 map.xml 'xml/:format/feed.xml', :controller => 'xml',
         :action => 'feed', :type => 'feed'
  map.xml 'xml/:format/:type/feed.xml', :controller => 'xml',
         :action => 'feed'
  map.xml 'xml/:format/:type/:id/feed.xml', :controller => 'xml',
         :action => 'feed'

Digging through xml_controller.rb we can then see that the allowed types

  • comments
  • trackbacks
  • article
  • category
  • tag


So to see an atom feed of all the articles you’ve written categorized
under Ruby you’d use this url:


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