GEOS Bindings Maintainer

I seem to have officially inherited the job of maintaining the GEOS language bindings from [Sean]( 🙂

For those who don’t know, [GEOS]( is an open source C++ library that contains a lot of functionality for analyzing and manipulating geometries. It is also one of the key parts of [PostGIS]( [Sandros]( and [Mateusz]( have been doing a ton of refactoring and adding functionality in preparation for a Geos 3.0 release (no date yet determined).

Besides providing a C and C++ api, there are also Python and Ruby bindings (the [Ruby bindings]( will be new with the upcoming 2.2.2 release). This is the bit I now maintain. So check it out, and any ideas/suggestions are welcome – send them to the [geos-devel]( list.

Thanks to Sean, Sandro and [Paul]( for setting this up.

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