Typo 4 Teething Pains

I upgraded my blog to Typo 4.0 earlier this week. The new Feedback
page alone made the upgrade worth while. The Feedback page shows you all the
comments people have left. This is invaluable, since you can quickly scan
for any spam that has made it through and delete it. Although a very low tech
approach to the problem, it sure beats periodically going through each post and
checking the comments.

I’ve have run into some issues though. The main one is that pings to technorati,
Ruby Corner and other blog aggregators don’t seem to work anymore. Has anyone
else noticed this? Manually logging into the technorati web site is getting a
bit boring. Unfortunately I don’t have time to figure out what is going wrong.

Another issue I had was posting new articles. Typo would spike
to 100% CPU time and within 5 seconds consume all the system’s memory – which
was pretty remarkable considering the box has 1 Gig of memory (its a Pentium
D system running Fedora Core 5). This was easily
reproducible – it happened every time I tried to make a post.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to track down that issue either. But it
looks like it was was related to file permissions. The directory that contains
my blog had its user and group set to lighttpd. When I opened up the permissions
to allow myself write access to the directory, the problem went away. Maybe
a similar issue is affecting the pings…

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