The Most Annoying Ad Ever

Silly me – I thought gaudy, in-your-face advertising went out with the Dotcom boom. Apparently not.

As I was reading the Denver Post the other day, I watched in horror, and amazement, as a Frontier ad slowly unfolded across the screen completely obscuring what I was reading:

Ad folding

A bit of experimentation shows that the ad rears its ugly face roughly once per fifteen visits to the site. And just to make sure it couldn’t be more annoying, the close button on the top right of the ad doesn’t work.

Denver Post Add

Thus you are forced to stare at this inane ad, getting angrier and angrier with each passing second, until it mercifully closes (which takes about 7 seconds, enough for me to get the screen shots).

The end result – I’m about to give up on the Denver Post (and I love reading newspapers) and Frontier airlines. Nice job guys!

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