Yue’s New Look

Being the local IT expert, I periodically update Yue’s WordPress blog. I have to say WordPress just keeps getting better and better – the latest release lets you create and modify sidebars via drag-and-drop. Nice! And being able to easily swap in and out themes is great – I’m particularly fond of Yue’s latest theme.

I’m still on Typo, which seems to have found a second life recently. What’s interesting is that Typo has most of WordPress’s features – including drag-and-drop sidebars. But it doesn’t come close to it in polish. I suppose I’ll end up migrating at some point, but I’m deterred by the obvious pain that will entail. Plus I like being able to tweak my blogging software (Typo is written in Rails which I know, WordPress in in PHP which I don’t). Either way, running two blogging platforms downstairs in the basement has been a great experience. I might even consider myself a competent Linux administrator now!

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