World Series at Coors Field

Boston Red Sox versus Colorado Rockies.

Time for Lauren, one of my best friends and lifelong Sox fan, to make it to Denver for a World Series weekend. We scored two tickets off CraigsList to see Game 3, the first World Series game ever played at Coors Field. Of course we were in the very, very, very top row of Coors Field, even above the line of purple row of seats that demarks one mile high, but no matter.

Here’s Lauren more than a half hour before the start of the game – Coors Field is almost already full!

And then fifteen minutes later the national anthem sung by Carrie Underwood (you can’t see her on the field because she’s standing behind home plate, but you can see her face televised on the left field scoreboard).

And then Lauren looking happy after the Red Sox scored six runs in the third and me looking sad and goofy.

The Rockies actually made a game out of it, but in the end lost. That bit sucked, but it sure was a night to remember.

  1. October 31, 2007

    If you and I are any indication, the Rockies reawakened a lot of slumbering baseball fans. I moved to Giants territory in 2000 but I still have a soft spot for every club in Denver. I managed to snag some tickets and get back home for both games, and though disappointed our showing wasn’t just a little better, I was still wearing my CR cap on the flight home today — proudly. Baseball came to Denver in ’93, but it didn’t really COME to Denver until 2007. Can’t wait for 2008!

    Until then, go Broncos 🙂

  2. Charlie Savage –
    November 2, 2007

    Hey Kevin,

    Excellent you made it to both games and still have a 93 cap. My mom still has an opening day t-shirt from 93, my dad some tickets and I have a commemorative baseball. Definitely agreed on awakening slumbering fans (does that count as jumping on the bandwagon?) – I [wrote]( about that a couple days ago.