Infinite Redirects

In preparation for getting back to this blogging thing, a couple of weeks ago I toyed with changing my blogging software from Typo to WordPress.  I originally chose Typo for purely geek reasons –  it ran on Rails and supported with Postgresql.  But it didn’t work particularly well, so soon thereafter I set up Yue with WordPress which was much, much better.

Anyway, before switching I figured I’d install the latest and greatest of Typo and give it one last chance.  And a funny thing happened – Typo was so much better  than it was before that the pain of a migrating suddenly became much sharper.  So I put a couple hours of work into upgrading, patted myself on the back, and moved onto other things.  Bad move.

Soon thereafter, Michael Gurski was kind enough to send me an email saying that the feeds on my blog were broken.  Bascially link A redirected to link B which redirected back to link A, causing an infinite loop and unhappy clients.  Unfortunately, I was so busy last week I didn’t have time to investigate.  But its now fixed.  So thanks Mike, and apologies for everyone subscribed to my feeds.

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