libxml-ruby reaches 1.0!

A mere seven years after its inception, libxml-ruby has finally reached version 1.0.
libxml-ruby provides ruby, via the
libxml2 libary, the super fast,
feature rich xml parser that is has sorely lacked.

Last year I

about the resurrection of the project, and since then
we’ve made enormous progress. The 1.0 release marks the culmination
of this work, and comes with tons of goodies:

  • Ruby 1.9.1 support
  • Out of the box support for OS X 10.5 and MacPorts
  • Greatly expanded
  • Much better test coverage
  • A nice, clean API that makes it easy to do simple things, but
    provides all the power of libxml2 if you need it

Not to mention that libxml-ruby is blindingly fast and
incredibly feature rich (see my

from last year for all the details), making it the choice
for a number of high-traffic websites.

So give them a try – its as easy to install as:

gem install libxml-ruby

And if you feel like polishing your ruby, xml, or C skills, come
join the community!

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