Snorkeling With Salmon

Yue and Joy Putting On Dry Suits

Last Saturday, Yue and I went snorkeling with chum salmon on the Hood Canal. Hosted by Long Live the Kings (LLTK), the event took place at their Lilliwaup Field Station on the West side of Hood Canal. Rick and Joy first gave us an overview of LLTK’s salmon recovery efforts over the last 30 years – it was incredibly informative. Both have been working on the Hood canal for 20 years, so know very well the challenges and what has worked and what hasn’t.

After the briefing, we donned our dry suits and went into a small pool under a waterfall and watched the salmon do their thing for half an hour.

It was the first time I’ve ever worn a dry suit – they really do keep you warm. And due to the air they trap inside, they keep you floating at the surface of the steam, you really don’t have to do anything at all! The one downside is your hands do get wet (water gets into them) and your face is exposed to the water, but since the rest of your body is warm it works out fine.

After snorkeling, we finished with a delicious outside lunch at Hama Hama Oyster Saloon and even met one of the family members who own it!

Definitely recommended if you are interested in learning more about salmon in the northwest.

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